About Forging Hope Ministries

The purpose of Forging Hope Ministries is to provide emotional support and encouragement to people during times of distress.

Forging Hope Ministries

Forging Hope Ministries, Inc. is an IRS 501(c)(3) public religious charity founded in 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee to provide emotional support to those who are going through difficult circumstances. Our role is to come alongside of those facing difficulties to provide encouragement and connection to resources that can be helpful. We believe that Jesus Christ is our ultimate source of hope and strength. It is our desire that users of this site will encounter the love of Christ here—even as they walk through a firestorm in their lives. Hope is forged in the fire of adversity. We want to help you persevere and find the hope you seek.

Board of Directors

  • Dean Baker: President/CEO
  • Kimberly Jarratt: Vice President/Secretary
  • Grant Comp: Treasurer
  • Laura Cordray
  • Karen Kendrick
  • Trish Mansfield


The mission of Forging Hope Ministries, Inc, is to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ with those in need.


The vision of Forging Hope Ministries, Inc, is to be the world leader in providing encouragement to those in need.


The approach of Forging Hope Ministries, Inc, is to connect those in need with those who have faced similar difficulties and can share their testimonies of God’s faithfulness, encourage them to persevere and link them to additional resources for ongoing support.